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Laurence Thomas is Professor in the Department of Political Science and the Department of Philosophy at Syracuse University. His most recent book is The Family and the Political Self and his most recent article in French is "Juifs et Noirs: Au-delà du Mal" in Trigano (ed.) Juifs et Noirs: du Mythe à la Réalité. Thomas has published numerous essays on the topic of friendship. The essay "The Character of Friendship" has appeared in volume on friendship, entitled Thinking About Friendship, edited by Damian Caluori and the essay "Friendship in the Shadow of Technology" has appeared in the anthology Moral and Moral Controversies edited by Steven Scalet and John Arthur. His most recent essay--entitled "Being Moral and Handling the Truth"--is about circumstances under which it is morally permissible to lie. Indeed, an example is given in Section IV of a lie being morally virtuous.

The False Accusation of Rape

The false accusation of rape is something that I frequently think about.  For it is ever so obvious that the false accusation of rape is unequivocally one of the most horrifically false charges that one person can make against another. … Continue reading

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United Airlines and the Costumer

If United Airlines substantially reimbursed passengers every time a United Airlines departure was more than 30 minutes late, an awful lot of people would thereby obtain a considerable sum of money.  But, of course, nothing of the sort happens although … Continue reading

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On Being Angry

Surely a person who has never been angry has to be from another plant.  Indeed, I am inclined to think that the person cannot in fact be a human being.  For at some point in life, every human being will … Continue reading

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Not Realizing that One is Overweight

The Washington Post reports that nearly half of the overweight people in the United States do not realize that they are overweight (1 December 2016).  Needless to say, a quite fascinating question is the following: How is it possible for … Continue reading

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The Psychological and Moral Majesty of Trust

When I Reflect Upon My Life, the first thing that comes to mind are the relationships of trust that are absolutely—and thus unequivocally—a fundamental part of my life.  In the language of David Hume (1711-1776), those individuals are truly a … Continue reading

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Dr. David Dao and the Morally Callous Flight Attendants of United Airlines

THE TREATMENT OF DR. DAVID DAO BY THE STAFF OF UNITED AIRLINES was so horrific that it is utterly incomprehensible to me that any airline personnel could have engaged in such behavior. The usual strategy when a flight is overbooked … Continue reading

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Self-Love versus Arrogance

No one can flourish without self-love. And quite fortunately, a most significant truth is that proper self-love is not at all a form of arrogance or egotism. To have self-love is to value oneself all the while making sure that … Continue reading

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The Black Man Who Killed an Elderly Black Person

Every time I think about the 37-year old black man, namely Steve Stephens, who killed an innocent elderly black male, I am profoundly pained. For all the talk on the part of blacks that black lives matter, I have asked … Continue reading

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Friendship: Aristotle’s Era versus Now

Aristotle’s account of friendship has ever so majestically withstood the test of time. He maintained that there are three types of friendship: (1) friendships of pleasure, (2) friendships of convenience, and (3) perfect friendships. Many centuries later, Aristotle’s three-tier account … Continue reading

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Believing In Oneself vs Being Arrogant

The movie entitled The Wiz stands as one of my very favorite movies. Diana Ross and Lena Horne were two of the key actors. Over the years, I have watched all or parts of the film at least a dozen … Continue reading

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