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The Psychological and Moral Majesty of Trust

When I Reflect Upon My Life, the first thing that comes to mind are the relationships of trust that are absolutely—and thus unequivocally—a fundamental part of my life.  In the language of David Hume (1711-1776), those individuals are truly a … Continue reading

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Technology and Our Moral Sentiments

Technology will become none other than he hand-maiden of evil if human beings become more interested in using their gadgets of technology than being morally considerate. And it very much looks as if humanity is very much headed-in the direction of being morally inconsiderate. Continue reading

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Moral Decency and Social Harmony

Basic decency is none other than a helpful act that demands very little of the person performing the act but which is nonetheless sufficiently meaningful to the recipient of the act although there is no interesting respect in which the person’s well-being would have been diminished had the act not been performed. Continue reading

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